OCRID Committees

OCRID Members are encouraged to get involved with the organization is a variety of different ways. One way to become involved is by becoming a committee member on any of our availability committees. Committee members must be members of OCRID in good standing. If you are not a member, but would like to serve on a committee, please use the "Become a Member!" link in the table to the right to become a member.

We are currently looking for interested members to serve on our various Committees to help us improve and expand the services that OCRID offers to its memebrs. If you would like to fill one of our vacant positions, please send a letter of interest to the listed contact emails of each Committee. Committee members must be members of OCRID. Have a great day!

CMP Committee, cmp@ocrid.org

Commitee Members:
Susan Harvey
Susan began serving OCRID as a State Representative in 2012 for 1 year and then became CMP Coordinator in 2013. She attended ITP at Columbus State and Wright State University and earned NIC in 2009. Currently she interprets in government settings, post-secondary and general community settings. The 3 things she loves about being an interpreter are: the languages, Deaf people, and other interpreters. She also loves going to the beach and scuba diving. She works with a lot of Practicum students and honestly feel that continuing education benefits the entire profession. She has enjoyed assisting others get credit for the effort they put forth in earning CEUs and look forward to serving OCRID in this manner in the future.

Sara Yurkovic
(Bio coming soon!)