Inspired by the StreetLeverage 'I am Change' campaign.
Photo credit: Austin Kocher

OCRID 2017 Conference

When: May 6, 2017
Where: Hope Hotel, 10823 Chidlaw Rd, Dayton, OH 45433
Theme: "Building on Strong Foundations"

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Interpreters from all walks of life bring a variety of experiences, skills, qualities, and goals to the table. We have a finely tuned set of skills that allows us into the personal lives of a cherished community and evolving culture. We, as interpreters, have the privilege of glimpsing into a vast variety of other fields and creating our own understanding of that person’s or environment’s intended goal. We have an amazing skill set and this year’s 2017 OCRID conference will seek to build upon that strong foundation. Our field is evolving as quickly as the iPhone and we need to keep up! This conference will be a means to enhance the skills we already possess and apply them to the next stage of our advancing field. We invite Deaf and hearing interpreters and members of the Deaf community from all backgrounds to join us for this exciting conference.


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