Awards and Scholarship Information

Russell Moore Award

Russell F. Moore, Sr. was the founder of Ohio Chapters of Interpreters for the Deaf in 1968. Russell's brother Fred, who was Deaf, influenced Russell's early interest the Deaf community and the value of quality interpreting services. Russell was a teacher at the Tennessee School for the Deaf, served with Deaf people on their committees and boards, was the President of the Ohio Home for Aged and Infirmed (now Columbus Colony), and was active in the Ohio Association of the Deaf. He was also a coach for the Goodyear Silents, a Deaf semi-pro football team in Akron.

Mr. Moore passed on a legacy to OCRID and its members that can be summed up in six lessons:
  • Deaf can do anything but hear
  • Work with deaf people and never for them
  • Never "arrive" - Keep learning!
  • Learn from elders and pass on
  • Grow within the organization, but never forget your roots
  • Cultivate interests that have nothing to do with deafness and interpreting

In honor of Mr. Moore's memory and example to OCRID, we have established the Russell Moore Award.


The Russell Moore Award biennially honors a certified OCRID/RID member who emulates Mr. Moore's philosophy and life example of meritorious service to the interpreting profession and to the organization at various levels.


  • Active certified member in good standing of OCRID for a minimum of 10 years
  • Active certified member in good standing of RID for a minimum of 10 years
  • Has a history of service to the organization in various capacities (e.g., officer, committee member, coordinator, etc.) and at various levels (e.g., local, state, regional, national).
  • Has made contributions to the profession of interpreting (e.g., research, teaching, mentoring, legislation, developing/planning workshops, volunteer work, etc.).
  • Has been active in the Deaf community outside of interpreting
Russell Moore Scoring Matrix (downloadable matrix: rm_award_scoring_matrix__final.doc)

Nominee must accumulate a minimum of 15 points to qualify for the award with at least one point being from each of the three levels of service: local, state and regional/national. Nominee may earn more than one point in a category if service took place at different levels or extensive work/service is documented in a particular area.

Please include details such as which leadership position was held and when, the names of articles published and date, number of mentees, titles and dates of workshops taught, etc.

Nomination process:
  • A copy of the nominee's resume or vitae is required.
  • In addition six accompanying letters of support shall be submitted: two letters of support from RID certified interpreters, two letters of support from deaf or hard of hearing consumers, and two letters of support from individuals who have worked in collaboration with the nominee in service to the profession.
Provisions of the Award:
  • Plaque
  • Letter of congratulations from the current OCRID President and Board
  • Payment of RID membership dues for the following year
  • Payment of the conference registration fee, including banquet, for the current year
  • Honorary lifetime membership to OCRID

Darlene Jahn Award

Strongly influenced by her Deaf parents, Darlene Jahn's life work was to ensure the highest standard of quality in interpreting which she believed began with certification. Her life illustrated commitment to excellence in the field of interpreting. In honor of Ms. Jahn's contribution to the field of interpreting, OCRID has established an award in her name.


The Darlene Jahn Award annually honors an OCRID/RID member who has given service to the organization and is enhancing his/her professional development with the goal being attainment of certification.

  • Active member in good standing of OCRID for 2 years
  • Member in good standing of RID for 2 years
  • Given service to OCRID at the local or state level (e.g., officer, committee member, coordinator, newsletter, conference planning committee, etc.)
  • Passed the NIC written test
  • Participates in the deaf community
Nomination process:
  • All nominations must have a cover letter stating the intent to nominate an individual. The letter must be signed by the nominator as well as signed by 10 additional dual members of RID and OCRID.
  • This award is open to self-nomination.
  • A letter describing the nominee's background, involvement in the field, and accomplishments is required.
  • A copy of the nominee's resume is required.
  • Documentation that the nominee is a candidate for the NIC Interview and Performance Test.
  • In addition, four accompanying letters of support shall be submitted; two letters must be from RID certified interpreters and two from deaf or hard of hearing consumers.
Provisions of the Award:
  • Framed certificate
  • Letter of congratulations from the current OCRID President and Board
  • A check written in the award recipient's name will be submitted to RID upon receipt of the completed application for the NIC Interview and Performance Test

Sara Paullin Casto Scholarship

Sara Paullin Casto espoused all of the qualities of a true humanitarian, supporting various causes and always encouraging and advocating for interpreters to continue learning, improving, and passing forward/passing on to others. She exuded the attributes of professionalism, sincerity, and honesty.

Sara graduated Phi Beta Kappa from Ohio Wesleyan University (OWU) with a degree in psychology in 1996, and then received an associate of applied sciences degree in interpreting from Columbus State Community College in 1998. Sara worked as Interpreter and Internship Coordinator for the Ohio School for the Deaf in Columbus . During her tenure there she developed study materials for educational interpreters and mentored countless student and professional interpreters.

In 1999, Sara received the first Darlene Jahn Award from the Ohio Chapter of the Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf for serious study and proven achievement in the profession of ASL (American Sign Language)/English Interpretation. Sara's commitment to community service was recognized by OWU when she was selected as a recipient of its Student Humanitarian Award in 1996. After her passing, the OWU award was renamed the Sara Paullin Casto Student Humanitarian Award for exemplary service to humanity..

Sara believed in giving back to the interpreting community. She was editor of the OCRID Navigator and ISLR’s Signals newsletter. She was web mistress of the OCRID website which received the Outstanding Web Design Award from RID in 2004. OCRID is honored to recognize Sara's contribution to the interpreting profession with the Sara Paullin Casto Scholarship.

This scholarship will be presented to an individual who also espouses those qualities and is willing to 'pass forward' what they learn on their professional journey to other interpreters in the community. The recipient will be awarded full registration to an OCRID State Conference.


Candidates must:

  • be a certified member of RID
  • have been a member of RID and OCRID in good standing for at least 5 years
Application Process:

Candidates should propose a project or activity that will “give back” to the interpreting profession. See the OCRID website for submission deadlines.

Applicants must submit two documents - a Cover Letter and a Project Proposal

Cover letter must include:
  • A letter describing the applicant's background and involvement in the field, and a description of:

a) how the program will honor Sara's philosophy of service to others, and
b) why the candidate wants to give back to the interpreting community

  • A copy of the applicant's resume
Project Proposal must include:
  • Project summary (statement of the overall goal of the project)
  • Details of the project.  This will include a detailed description of how funds will be used to "give back" to the OCRID community. The project/plan needs to be outcomes-based and these outcomes need to be stated clearly in the proposal.

Project/Plan Development and Outcomes

Acceptable uses of scholarship funds, include, but are not limited to:
  • Purchase of materials and equipment useful in a mentoring relationship
  • Materials for participants in a workshop such as books, DVDs, workbooks, handouts, etc.
  • Purchase of project-related equipment such as webcams, software, etc.
Acceptable outcomes include, but are not limited to:
  • Creation of a workshop or training opportunity to be presented at an RID or OCRID conference
  • Product such as a brochure, DVD or web page
  • Article published in a professional newsletter or journal
  • Development of a mentoring program
*NOTE: if the applicant is unsure whether a project is suitable for this scholarship, contact an Awards Committee member for more information.

Project Conclusion:
The recipient must submit and/or present a report of the project and outcomes for the OCRID annual business meeting.

Provisions of the Scholarship:
  • Framed Certificate
  • Letter of congratulations from the current OCRID President and Board
  • Registration to the next State Conference
  • Funds to be awarded to recipient (as determined by the scope of the project). Method of payment to be determined by the board.
  • Awarded full registration to an OCRID State Conference.