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Welcome to

I greet you all as your new President of OCRID. I am thrilled you have allowed me to fill this position. For those of you who may not have been at the conference when I was elected let me share with you a bit of who I am.  I have been a working sign language interpreter for almost fifteen years. I earned my Associates in Interpreting from Columbus State Community College, a B.A. in Liberal Professional Studies, and a Masters in Organizational Leadership.

Four things I mentioned I would focus on during my time at President

Communication - connecting with our peers, constituents, and the people we serve.

Collaboration – together we are stronger and accomplish more

Commitment – do everything to our maximum potential

Innovation – seeking cost effective and efficient ways to accomplish the goals and the mission

Board members had a conference call for the first week of August to establish other meetings and workshops for the future. August 23rd the  Board attended a leadership training to set the foundation of the next two years and path the way for future leaders. In the future we plan to offer this training again to other OCRID members who have an interest in being involved but may not be sure where to start.

I had the opportunity to attend the Region III conference and it was outstanding: the Michigan Chapter of RID did a superior job on the conference. What some of you may not be aware of there were some negotiation challenges in preparing for the conference which cause the planning to be delayed. The region was concerned if we would be able to pull it off. There was consideration in merging with Region IV. The president’s council met and with clear voice said “we will do this” and they did! There have been rumors that the Regional conferences may not continue.  During the business meeting our Region III Rep, Shelly Engstrom-Kestel, stated the President’s council of Region III will putting forth a recommendation to the national board to request the continuation of the Regional Conferences, should the national membership feel differently the presidents of our region have committed to work together, collaborate and make sure we have our regional conference though it may not be able to call it a Regional conference.

It is my goal to deliver a Presidents Quarterly to you to update you on the happenings of the OCRID Board and sharing information from the National Board and the National Office. Speaking of the National Office, I had the opportunity to speak to our Executive Director Shane Feldman; we spoke about communication and the flow of information. There is a need for more information to be share at the Affiliate Chapter level so we as Presidents are able to address the needs and questions of those we serve. I would like to hear from you the membership, what are your ideas, what things are not working or are not effective? I encourage you to communicate those things to me, express your concerns and any suggestions to improve. It is critical we not only identify the issue but suggest solutions; working in collaboration we can resolve them.

 In closing I want to again thank you for entrusting me with this honorable position to serve and lead the amazing interpreters of Ohio. My email is always open, send me your questions, suggestions, or just introduce yourself.

Be well,

Anthony W Nelson
President, OCRID